Music has been the focus of saxophonist/DJ Rob Bennion’s life from an early age.  He was singing long before learning to speak, and figured out melodies on the family piano as a young child.  At 10 Rob picked up the saxophone, around the same time he was mashing up mix-tapes with his dual-deck tape player which provided the soundtrack to skateboarding in the Houston bayous near where he lived.

As an 8th grader, Bennion performed on national television in the Kahuku High School Marching Band (Hawaii) and was the youngest member of the jazz band. In 9th grade Bennion auditioned for and made the All-State band, over all the high school saxophonists statewide much older than him.
At 16, Bennion was performing, touring, and writing music with college bands.  He learned “on the street” the skills of a professional musician: composing, networking, and adapting rapidly to new situations and musical styles.  Bennion used these skills to audition for and make lead tenor at the local university jazz band his junior year of high school.


Rob graduated high school early and moved to England, where he was able to experience the London club scene long before electronic music’s popularity in the US.  His 18th birthday was spent in a Dublin cathedral-turned-nightclub.  Next he moved to Brazil for a few years, where he was exposed to latin music and culture.  This led him to learn to play the flute, which became an integral part of his performance.


Bennion joined a touring band in college which traveled across much of the United States and Canada.  During this time he created his first jazz project as band leader, performed regularly in a blues band, and a salsa-merengue 10 piece latin orchestra.  He also played tenor and alto saxophones, flute, and clarinet in various jazz/swing bands.


Rob Bennion spent a year in Dallas, where he stayed busy playing in his jazz band as well as various function/event music groups, including an 8 piece party cover band, a Brazilian music quintet, and various experimental groups.


Next Rob moved to Japan for a year, where he played saxophone 6 nights a week at a local club, as well as private events.  Here is where he developed much of his style of performing live saxophone while DJing music.


After returning to the United States, Rob began integrating DJ techniques into his band’s performance.  The live band+DJ hybrid became very popular with the rise of electronic music in mainstream culture.


Rob was invited to return to Japan to headline the Okayama Jazz Festival, and he took the opportunity to make a small tour of the Jazz Clubs in the Osaka/Kansai region.  Since then he’s performed and been interviewed many times on various local and national TV shows, radio and streaming music stations.  Rob’s DJ mixes have been featured on Hip-Hop and electronic music stations, and he holds multiple weekly residencies both with his jazz band and as a club DJ.  Rob has been featured on the first page of the Salt Lake Tribune’s Nightlife section multiple times, both for his work as a DJ and bandleader, and has travelled all over the states from performing for Cartier’s grand reopening of their New York City flagship store to DJing the world-renowned Sayers club on the West coast.


Rob is owner and founder of Echo Talent Management, the musical sister company of Echo Model Management, who scout and manage high-end editorial and fashion models.


In the Spring of  2015 Rob wrote and recorded a solo album titled “Golden” which featured seven vocalists from across the country, mostly based in New York.  In support of the release he toured for a month with dates in Japan, the Philippines, and the West coast of the US.


Rob currently performs as a solo musician, in DJ+drums+vocal trio Gold Standard, and DJs under the name Robot Dream.  He splits most of his time between Salt Lake City and San Francisco. 


Please contact Rob for booking or other information.

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