Gold Standard brings the jazz trio into the modern age. The group is comprised of three seasoned jazz musicians: Conn Curran, vocals, Bart Olson, drums, and Rob Bennion, DJ/Sax/Flute, with an affinity for classic crooner style and electronic exploration. They are known for taking current popular hits and turning them into golden crooner renditions- combining electronic elements with serious acoustic chops. Their music spans from the classic sounds of Frank Sinatra, to the dance-infused electronic version of John Legend. They can turn an event into a speakeasy or a dance club, or both. 



Salt Lake City Jazz Band photo by Heidi Gress live music jazz band salt lake salt lake city jazz band salt lake city jazz band Salt Lake City Jazz Band salt lake city jazz band salt lake city jazz band whitepartyconnbart Salt Lake city jazz band photo by pepper nix

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