Kenji, Denson, and Hayley were there with me . . . I always feel lucky to play with such great musicians.
Today my band had the opportunity to perform as musical guests on Jennifer Burns’ KJZZ tv show “Cooking Delight. We performed jazz classics and Hayley sang with us for the final two numbers.

Please check out their website and this Saturday November 1st at 4pm or Sunday Nov 2nd at 2pm see the show (


3 Responses to “KJZZ TV musical guest for "Cooking Delight show this week”

  1. Ken and Shanda

    Awesome Blog! I saw you briefly today on the cooking show. You guys sound fantastic! I love the free lessons, it is interesting to get a glimps in the head of an improvisor and see the tricks they use to improvise. Also, the backing tracks site and bebop area sites are great.

  2. I recorded bits of your long song and put it up on my blog. It was great! You did a good job.


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