There are several places to see live jazz in Salt Lake City. ¬†Salt Lake may be small but has a surprising amount of live music for a city so tiny and dry ūüėČ

Maxwell’s, 357 s Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. ¬†I perform with singer Conn Curran every Wednesday night from 7-10pm. ¬†We also perform other dates elsewhere check¬†for updates.

The Bayou. 645 S. State Street¬†Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Having played there many times I can tell you the food is delicious, and one of the few places that’s still serving it late into the night. ¬†Live Jazz Music Thursday Friday and Saturday Nights. ¬†Click here for the live music schedule:

Gracie’s. ¬†326 South West Temple¬†Salt Lake City, UT 84101. ¬†The patio upstairs and outdoor dining downstairs make it a favorite during the summer months. ¬†The music there isn’t always jazz, but many jazz bands play at Gracie’s on a regular basis.

The Wild Grape has had live Jazz music Saturday nights, not sure if it’s still on. ¬†481 E. South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.  This place keeps getting awards for their great food!

The Red Door, situated just east of the Hotel Monaco, has live Jazz music every Saturday night. 57 West 200 South Salt Lake City, Utah

Keys on Main, 242  S.  Main St.  Salt Lake City,  Utah  84101.  Normally a piano bar, Keys on Main occasionally has Jazz on Monday nights.  Check their schedule to see if they are having live jazz this week.

Rob Bennion Jazz Band
The Rob Bennion Jazz Band, Salt Lake City Utah


19 Responses to “Where to see live Jazz in Salt Lake City”

  1. The Wild Grape is all ages, it’s a restaurant. Other options would be to check out the live Jazz at concert venues around town, or look at the University of Utah’s concert schedule.

  2. Is this all contemporary jazz? Are there any bands that play lots of classics like Duke ellington, buddy morrow, benny goodman?

    • Your best bet to hear that genre would be at the University of Utah or Brigham Young University as their big bands often put on concerts . . . Many jazz bands will perform songs by those artists but it would be by a small group, trio/quartet rather than a big band.

  3. Berkeley

    Do you know about open jazz or blues jams for visiting musicians? I will be traveling there soon. Thanks!

  4. Hey Rob, great info. Thanks for the effort. Question. I manage and have Swedish jazz-funk band Beat Funktion routing Salt Lake later this summer. They held for 15 weeks on the CMJ Charts last summer, and release a new CD this summer. Any suggestions in SLC and also 4-5 hours out from there? steve

    • A few places to perform would be Gracies and the Bayou, look up their websites and contact them and they should get back to you. Good luck!

  5. I was just wondering where I could find some good jazz music with good food for my Anniversary?? We aren’t too much into drinking and partying, but we would like to sit and eat and listen to some good jazz. Is there such a place in SLC or Park City?

    • Jenny,

      I need to update this post . . . I play Jazz with Conn Curran every Wednesday at Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery from 6-9pm . . . other than that check the Bayou (They have a schedule on their website) or Gracie’s, or Fridays at Cafe Molisse there is also Jazz.

  6. shelley jones

    Is there any jazz clubs more south than downtown I’m near 72 south

  7. Ronald Small

    Thanks Rob! Your information is extremely helpful for jazz loving visitors like myself who have never been to Salt Lake City. Thank you!!!

  8. Roberto

    Hey Rob! Still around SLC? Need a dose of some Jazz/soul and Conn Curran?


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